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Planning a new property development can be a challenging task, and we understand the importance of having a reliable, experienced team to assist you. That’s why our skilled scaffolding team is here to help. 

Reliable scaffolding services in Torquay and the surrounding areas of South Devon

At DDC Scaffolding, we pride ourselves on our top-quality services, tailored to your specific needs. With extensive experience serving both residential and construction markets in Teignbridge, South Hams, Exeter, Plymouth, and Torbay, our team operates at the highest standards. Our workmanship is unparalleled, and we’re committed to delivering reliable and trustworthy scaffolding services.  

So whether you require chimney scaffolding for your home or industrial scaffolding for your commercial property, we can customise a scaffolding package that meets your needs. Enlist the help of our experts and take the stress out of your next project.  

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Navigating the Various Types of Scaffolding

The use of scaffolding is integral to any construction project. It’s a critical aspect that provides workers with safe access to hard-to-reach areas. 

 Different types of scaffolding are available, each with unique features and benefits. On construction sites, temporary works scaffolding is the most commonly used type. It offers robust and reliable support, making it ideal for various tasks like bricklaying, painting, and window cleaning. 

 For flexibility, mobile access towers are an excellent choice since they can be quickly relocated around the site. They’re popular when working on precision-demanding jobs like plumbing or electrical work.  

Birdcage scaffolds are a good option when large space is required, such as roofing projects. They provide a stable platform for workers to do their tasks safely while having the ability to adjust to different heights and levels. 

At DDC Scaffolding, safety and protection are our top priorities. We take pride in being accredited with the highest safety standards including CHAS, SMAS, Scaffolding Association Assessed Member, SafeContractor Approved, and Constructionline Gold Member. Additionally, we have a 100% safety record with HSE.  

When it comes to scaffolding services, trust DDC Scaffolding for top-notch quality that ensures your safety and protection. 

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Professional Scaffolding Services You Can Count On


Ensuring worker safety is of utmost importance when it comes to tasks performed at elevated heights. 

 In this regard, scaffolding plays a vital role in providing a secure and stable platform for workers. It comes equipped with guardrails and other safety features that minimise the risk of accidents such as falls.  

The requirement for scaffolding varies depending on the nature and scale of the project at hand. For smaller maintenance jobs, a simple single-level scaffold may suffice, while more demanding projects may require a more sophisticated system.  

It is imperative to ensure the scaffolding is installed correctly, and all safety guidelines are followed, including weight restrictions and load-bearing capacity.  

Workers must also be trained to use the scaffolding appropriately and don suitable safety gear while working at elevated heights.  

Following these procedures, workers can carry out their tasks safely and efficiently, with minimal risk of accidents. 

Scaffolding hire proves to be the optimal solution for a wide range of tasks. This includes but is not limited to:  
  • replacing and repairing roofs 
  • building extensions 
  • carrying out structural repairs 
  • converting lofts 
  • fixing chimneys 
  • installing windows 
  • painting exterior walls 
  • repairing or replacing fascias.  


By utilising scaffolding hire, we can guarantee that our projects are conducted with the utmost care and concern for safety, providing our clients with peace of mind and a job well done. 

Exploring the Safe Limits of Scaffolding Height 


The safe height at which scaffolding can be erected depends on various factors, including the dimension of the base and the number of ties used to secure it. In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides a set of guidelines and regulations that must be followed to ensure that scaffolding is erected safely and without risk to workers or the public. 

According to the HSE, it is recommended that the height of scaffolding should not exceed four times the minimum base dimension or 20 feet (6 meters), whichever is less. This is because it ensures that the scaffold is stable and can support the weight of workers and materials. Following these guidelines is essential to guarantee the safety of everyone involved in the construction process. 

When elevating a structure, additional measures such as ties and supports are necessary to maintain stability. Additionally, weather conditions must be factored in to prevent hazards to both workers and the public. Inclement weather, like strong winds, heavy rain, and snow, can destabilise the scaffolding and jeopardise the safety of everyone involved. Thus, it’s critical to ensure that the construction site is adequately prepared and secured.