‘Safety foremost’, there’s nothing more important

Scaffolding Safety Torbay

Let’s be honest, the most important thing to any business is probably profit. It’s above turnover (well it should be anyway) and it’s possibly the only financial indication that a business is doing well.

However, when it comes to scaffolding, here at DDC we take a very different view. We’re not saying that profit isn’t important, it absolutely is, but the wellbeing of our team is, and always will be, our priority and it’s the reason we’re never too far from the phrase ‘safety foremost’.

Scaffolding is a tough business and over the years the industry hasn’t always had the best safety record but at DDC we decided that wasn’t good enough and things had to change.

These days we’re one of the most respected scaffolding firms in Torbay and that’s because we have a reputation for never cutting corners, never increasing risk for our team and never putting profit before people.

This isn’t about Health and Safety gone mad, it’s about doing the job properly, protecting our staff and never letting clients down. That’s how our reputation has grown and that’s the reason we’re respected across Torbay and the rest of the South-West.

But what’s important for us, is just as important for you, our clients. The last thing you want is for your staff to be let down by sub-standard scaffolding. You want your team looked after properly, safe in the knowledge that whatever scaffolding they use on site, always delivers complete confidence and reassurance, allowing them to get on with the job in hand.

At DDC we check scaffolding installations like no one else does. We never use damaged tubes, faulty ladders or rotten boards. Our equipment, fixings and materials are all top quality, up to date and precisely engineered. Our team of scaffolders are all highly trained and experienced and it’s why we’re fully accredited and regarded as the very best in the South-West.

This is the reason why DDC Scaffolding are able to give you, our clients, a 100% assurance and guarantee of no nasty surprises.

Unlike others, the DDC reputation is based entirely on our rock-solid safety record. We’re reliable, we’re affordable and we’re committed to delivering ‘safety foremost’, so if you’re interested in talking to us about how we can deliver ‘safety foremost’ to your project then please contact using the details on this website.