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Domestic and commercial scaffolding

Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding   What are the differences between domestic and commercial scaffolding?  Scaffolding is a necessity in most construction projects no matter the scale. At DDC we provide both domestic and commercial scaffolding. Although they both provide safety and accessibility for your workers, they are better suited to different projects. Keep reading to […]

Safety when scaffolding

How to Scaffold safely  At DDC scaffolding, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety and security. Scaffolders work at great heights and without the proper protection can be put at risk. Employees in the construction industry are statistically more likely to sustain work related injuries. Falling from a height is the number one […]

Sustainable scaffolding

How scaffolding can be considered sustainable  With more people becoming aware of their carbon footprint, it is important that your business is doing everything they can to improve their sustainability. Businesses have a responsibility to educate their employees, and ensure they are taking the necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The scaffolding industry requires […]

Everything to know for building a career in scaffolding

Here is everything you need to know before starting in the scaffolding industry:   Why scaffolding is a good trade to enter: Scaffolding provides builders and workers a safe and secure platform to carry out their duties meaning most construction projects see it as a necessity. Due to this, the demand for qualified workers is […]

Industries that need scaffolding

Industries that need scaffolding   The role of scaffolding in ensuring safety and accessibility for workers in various industries Scaffolding is a temporary structure that offers support and elevation. It plays a vital role in the safety and accessibility for workers. Scaffolding is most associated with construction, however, is vital in many other industries. Construction: […]

The history of scaffolding

The history of scaffolding   What is Scaffolding? When working on construction and renovation sites, it is important that Workers can navigate easily and safely around the site. This is where scaffolding is important. Scaffolds are temporary platforms used so that workers can work efficiently at a greater height. They are essential in ensuring the […]

Looking forward to a positive 2023

OK, we accept that the last few years have been tricky for various reasons, but the start of a new year is always an opportunity to park those issues and move forward in a positive and productive manner and that’s exactly what we intend to do here at DDC Scaffolding.

Happy Christmas from everyone here at DDC

Well, there’s now just a few weeks to go until Christmas officially starts, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for Christmas.

‘Safety foremost’, there’s nothing more important

This isn’t about Health and Safety gone mad, it’s about doing the job properly, protecting our staff and never letting clients down.

Scaffolding Experts in Torquay

Choose DDC Scaffolding for a quality scaffolding installation service and temporary roofing, suitable for all types of construction projects.

The Scaffolding Compliance Sheet And Why You Need To Secure One!

Scaffolding provides flexibility while working. Using scaffolds allows you to work at height, close to your projects to complete quickly and effectively.