Industries that need scaffolding

Industries that need scaffolding


The role of scaffolding in ensuring safety and accessibility for workers in various industries

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that offers support and elevation. It plays a vital role in the safety and accessibility for workers. Scaffolding is most associated with construction, however, is vital in many other industries.


Scaffolding is most associated within the constructive industry and is seen as a standard for most companies. This is due to the safety and accessibility it provides. Scaffolding allows workers to move materials and access the building site in a safe and secure way whilst at considerable heights. Construction companies need to ensure the safety of their workers and scaffolding is the best way to do this.

Civil engineering:

Civil engineering uses scaffolding to inspect and survey projects through the process. Scaffolding allows civil engineers to access and view every aspect of the structure to carry out necessary repairs, maintenance and any audits or checks in a safe manner. Similar to construction, scaffolding allows civil engineers to work in a safe environment whilst also being able to work efficiently.

Window Cleaning:

Whilst window cleaning companies may initially opt for rope access options, if not readily available, scaffolding can be a great substitute. Window cleaning can involve working at great heights and a scaffolding tower is a much safer alternative than rope access. Scaffolding towers can reach the desired height whilst also providing storage for equipment.

Event Management:

Event planners may choose to decorate scaffolding for stages, theatres, and events.  Scaffolding is a very sturdy structure so is perfect for the professional installation of screens, speakers, and lights. As scaffolding can be quickly assembled and dismantled, it is safe and effective for temporary operations.

Photography and Film:

Professional photographers and camera operators may need to capture certain moments at higher angels. Scaffolding is easy to assemble and can securely hold cameras and lights without any hassle. Whilst scaffolding is not commonly associated with photography, many in the industry decide to use it within their company.

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