Domestic and commercial scaffolding

Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding


What are the differences between domestic and commercial scaffolding? 

Scaffolding is a necessity in most construction projects no matter the scale. At DDC we provide both domestic and commercial scaffolding. Although they both provide safety and accessibility for your workers, they are better suited to different projects. Keep reading to learn the differences between these scaffolding services and which one would best suit your project. 

What is commercial scaffolding? 

Commercial scaffolding is a type of access system that is designed to provide safe, temporary support for commercial construction sites and other industrial projects. This form of scaffolding is used to complete work on areas that are not within reach and require more safety precautions than a ladder. Commercial scaffolding is ideal for sites such as skyscrapers and corporate offices. These types of properties are taller than many domestic properties meaning that they require scaffolding erectors that can meet the extra height and safety requirements. Commercial properties are exposed to the public meaning that health and safety requirements on commercial scaffolding are extremely important to reduce any risks proposed to the public.  

What is domestic scaffolding? 

Domestic scaffolding is used on projects of a much smaller scale. It is used for work on domestic properties such as homes and flats. Domestic scaffolding is usually used to aid tasks such as external painting and roof repairs. Using domestic scaffolding instead of ladders allows workers to access all areas safely and complete the project quickly. Although domestic scaffolding is not directly exposed to the public, health, and safety are still extremely important to protect workers and residents surrounding the project.  

What are the differences? 

The main difference between domestic and commercial scaffolding is the scale of the projects. Domestic scaffolding is used for smaller projects such as external painting on flats or homes. 

Commercial scaffolding is used for larger projects that are usually exposed to the public. Due to its height, commercial scaffolding needs to be more rigid and well balanced. Commercial scaffolding requires more attentive and regular maintenance procedures to ensure the workers and public are safe.  

At DDC scaffolding, we provide quality domestic and commercial scaffolding, priding ourselves on prompt and professional services. We work around clients’ needs ensuring any disruption is minimised.