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Looking forward to a positive 2023

OK, we accept that the last few years have been tricky for various reasons, but the start of a new year is always an opportunity to park those issues and move forward in a positive and productive manner and that’s exactly what we intend to do here at DDC Scaffolding.

We handle commercial and domestic scaffolding projects in Torbay and across the wider South-West region and we get a real sense that more and more people and businesses are taking up this positive approach to life in general. It’s that sort of thinking that creates confidence, especially in the construction sector that we serve.

We have no doubt that building projects and major developments will continue in 2023 and beyond. The domestic market will thrive as customers look to redevelop or extend their existing properties and then of course there’s the continued need for improvements such as roofing repairs and general maintenance. All of this is good for the construction industry as well as being good for us at DDC Scaffolding.

But if 2023 is about to a be a good, positive year then we need to be ready for it and for DDC Scaffolding that means a continued investment in the business and our people. With people in mind, we’ll continue with our ‘safety first’ philosophy. It’s this which sets us apart from our competitors meaning that the sites that we operate on are always safe and secure as far as scaffolding’s concerned.

When we work on large scale commercial construction projects in Torbay, there’s always a complete reassurance that’s delivered by the DDC Scaffolding name. It means we never use damaged tubes and always have pristine boards, well-constructed handrailing, good edge protection and proper gantry areas and safety gates. In addition, our team are fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable.

These are the reasons why our customers are often repeat customers, and it explains our growing reputation for doing things in the right way where safe access is our number one priority.

If this year is to be a positive and productive twelve-month period, then will need a bit of luck to avoid anything like a major pandemic, but on the understanding that we can avoid that fate then there’s absolutely no reason why 2023 shouldn’t be a great year. Positivity will be key as that breeds confidence and it’s confidence that the construction industry is built on.

So, let’s have no talking down the industry, no doom and gloom for the foreseeable future and be ready to tackle the year. We certainly will be at DDC Scaffolding and if you’d like to talk to us about any commercial or domestic scaffolding needs for Torbay or the wider South-West region then get in contact with one of the team.

All the best for 2023 from everyone at DDC Scaffolding.

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Happy Christmas from everyone here at DDC

Well, there’s now just a few weeks to go until Christmas officially starts, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for Christmas and to thank you for all the business during the last twelve months.

At DDC it’s been an incredibly busy year as the business has very successfully expanded to cover more areas of the wider South West region. We’ve also dramatically increased the amount of equipment that we now own which means that now we’re able to work comfortably with larger scale projects at the same time as the smaller ones.

For us, it was always about investing in the business as well as our future, but nothing will ever detract from our ‘safety first’ philosophy. We consider the safety of ‘your staff’ in exactly the same way that we do ‘our staff’. What we always want is that construction teams feel reassured when they know that the scaffolding job they’re about to work on is a DDC scaffolding job, because that means something to the people.

This, in our opinion, this is the reason why we’ve grown as a business. We know that constructions companies, developers and general builders want one key thing from scaffolding firms and that’s safety.

At DDC we check scaffolding installations like no one else does. We never use damaged tubes, faulty ladders or rotten boards. Our equipment, fixings and materials are all top quality, up to date and precisely engineered. Our team of scaffolders are all highly trained and experienced and it’s why we’re fully accredited and regarded as the very best in the South West.

Unlike others, the DDC reputation is based entirely on our rock-solid safety record. We’re reliable, we’re affordable and we’re committed to delivering ‘safety foremost’, so if you’re interested in talking to us about how we can deliver ‘safety foremost’ to your project then please contact using the details on this website.

The only thing that’s now left to say is that we wish you all the very best for Christmas and if we were going to give you a bit of advice then we’d simply say this … please take the time to enjoy the break, spend some quality time with your loved ones and whatever you, don’t eat and drink too much … well sort of.

Happy Christmas from everyone at DDC Scaffolding.

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‘Safety foremost’, there’s nothing more important

Scaffolding Safety Torbay

Let’s be honest, the most important thing to any business is probably profit. It’s above turnover (well it should be anyway) and it’s possibly the only financial indication that a business is doing well.

However, when it comes to scaffolding, here at DDC we take a very different view. We’re not saying that profit isn’t important, it absolutely is, but the wellbeing of our team is, and always will be, our priority and it’s the reason we’re never too far from the phrase ‘safety foremost’.

Scaffolding is a tough business and over the years the industry hasn’t always had the best safety record but at DDC we decided that wasn’t good enough and things had to change.

These days we’re one of the most respected scaffolding firms in Torbay and that’s because we have a reputation for never cutting corners, never increasing risk for our team and never putting profit before people.

This isn’t about Health and Safety gone mad, it’s about doing the job properly, protecting our staff and never letting clients down. That’s how our reputation has grown and that’s the reason we’re respected across Torbay and the rest of the South-West.

But what’s important for us, is just as important for you, our clients. The last thing you want is for your staff to be let down by sub-standard scaffolding. You want your team looked after properly, safe in the knowledge that whatever scaffolding they use on site, always delivers complete confidence and reassurance, allowing them to get on with the job in hand.

At DDC we check scaffolding installations like no one else does. We never use damaged tubes, faulty ladders or rotten boards. Our equipment, fixings and materials are all top quality, up to date and precisely engineered. Our team of scaffolders are all highly trained and experienced and it’s why we’re fully accredited and regarded as the very best in the South-West.

This is the reason why DDC Scaffolding are able to give you, our clients, a 100% assurance and guarantee of no nasty surprises.

Unlike others, the DDC reputation is based entirely on our rock-solid safety record. We’re reliable, we’re affordable and we’re committed to delivering ‘safety foremost’, so if you’re interested in talking to us about how we can deliver ‘safety foremost’ to your project then please contact using the details on this website.

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The Scaffolding Compliance Sheet And Why You Need To Secure One!

Scaffolding Compliance Sheet

Scaffolding provides flexibility while working. Using scaffolds allows you to work at height, close to your projects to complete quickly and effectively. scaffolding creates an accessible work-area, much safer than using ladders in most cases. However, all too often scaffolders are not following all the rules and guidelines set out before commencing their work. Which ultimately may be putting your lives in danger.

We are here to help!

What is a scaffold compliance sheet, I hear you ask?

It’s an official document; computer generated using the NASC TG20:13 Guide to Good Practice for Tube and Fitting Scaffolding?

How does it work?

By asking you a series of questions about the intended use of your scaffold & considerations like what materials the scaffold will be made from.

A compliance sheet covers a range of standard scaffolding configurations and variations, such as tie’s, bracing, bay length and height.

To provide you with some context, the below illustrates a generic example to show you the different types of questions that you can expect to be asked before obtaining one. That is standard practice.

NASC independent scaffold with transom unit

Why is this important?

It is because there are many risk factors, hazards and dangers associated as we will detail out for you below.

Typical compliance questions to be aware of

Scaffolding types, e.g. Independent scaffold, a free-standing scaffold or chimney scaffold?

In this instance, we have chosen an independent scaffold. An independent scaffold consists of two rows of standards (standards are the scaffold legs) which run parallel with the building.

What height will the scaffold be?

We have selected 10m that will be the maximum working height of the podium. (you don’t want to cut corners being elevated ten meters above ground level, right?)

What is going to be the maximum working lift height?

This example shows that lift heights will be 2m.

How many boards wide will the scaffold be?

On this occasion, we know that we will need it to be 4 No. boards plus 2 No. inside boards.

What working load is needed for the scaffold?

Examples include; very light-duty, general-purpose or heavy-duty.

We have chosen a light-duty scaffolding. Reason being; it’s going to be used for decorating. A Light-duty scaffold is perfect in this instance and can handle a load of 1.5kN/m2 at one boarded lift and another lift at 50%.

What type of transom will be used?

The transom is the tube that sits underneath and supports the working board.

We needed to use a prefabricated transom. These are scaffold tubes with fixed couplers at either end & come in different sizes.

Generally, they are 3, 4 or 5 boards wide. The benefits of using these units are that you can erect scaffolding without the ledger bracing, allowing clear access along the working platforms.

What tube material will you be using? Whether its 4mm or the newer 3.2mm tube?

For this particular scaffold, we need a 3.2mm scaffold tube. Being the newer and lighter type of scaffolding.

What type of cladding will be used on the scaffold?

E.g. debris, netting or sheeting. We will be using brick guards as this is for a building site.

The final question is about the location of the scaffolds, is it in a town or the countryside?

An important consideration here as this determines the wind factors that can and will affect your scaffolding.

Remember that you may change the season for installation but be aware, this may change the arrangement of the scaffolding as during winter the weather is a lot different than the summer.

This example is from a project located in Exeter, therefore a City. Considering the wind factor will be considerably less than say a scaffold erected on the top of a hill in Torbay.

The power of a compliance sheet is that it shows you exactly how any scaffolding should be erected. It also highlights the risk factors and provides peace of mind by knowing that everything has been taken into consideration.

In our example, you can see the sheet shows how a scaffold must be tied per 16m2? The maximum spacing for the transoms are 1.2m and façade braced? (also known as a sway brace). In every elevation, one set per 6 No. Bays.

If your scaffolding requirements need a bespoke scaffold design, then this will determine the same factors as above.

If after answering these series of questions, your scaffold cannot be compliant to the NASC TG20:13 guide Then, a bespoke design must be produced before erecting any scaffolding.

Note: All designs must be completed by a qualified engineer who will make sure your scaffold is going to be safe for use.

These are important facts to be aware of: If the scaffold doesn’t have a design or a compliance sheet, then there is no way of knowing if your scaffold has been erected safely, correctly and generally speaking, could be putting you in danger when using!

The benefit of using compliance sheets or design means that any qualified scaffolding inspector can then check the safety of the scaffolding using your compliance sheet.

A basic scaffold inspection will check that all scaffolds can be erected on a project with the compliance sheet. An advanced scaffold inspector can and will inspect all types of scaffolds.

Choosing the correct scaffolding inspector is critical to making sure you are compliant when working on the scaffolding and minimise any devastating risk factors.

DDC Scaffolding will provide you with a free compliance sheet for your scaffolding erected or we will organise a design drawing as this will ensure your scaffolding is 100% safe & compliant.

To learn more about our services, or to discuss any safety concerns, feel free to give us a ring. We are always happy to help and can provide a free no-obligation quotation to keep you safe & secure in achieving your construction goals. We pride ourselves on offering you prompt & professional services, undertaking scaffolding & access work across Dorset, Devon & Cornwall.